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Accounts software and accounting systems tested by two accountants

If you are in business, you have to keep accounts. If you grow beyond 10-20 customers, you will need to keep accounts on a computer.

But what software do you use? You could spend years just testing out all the accounting systems available. We have tested a lot, and would like to pass on our knowledge.

Do you need to pay for your accounting system, or will free software suit your pocket? Sometimes freeware (free software) turns out to be easier to use than paidware (software you pay for), and occasionally even of better quality. Then there is shareware, software you can test for free, but where you have to pay for it if you continue using it.

What about "The Cloud"? Instead of having the software and your own data on your own computer, would it be helpful just to use your internet browser to run your accounts on a computer far away? Cloudware always comes at a price, but is it worth it? And is it safe?

We will try to help you with advice on all the above.

(We do not receive any payments or commissions from any of the suppliers of the software reviewed on this website.)

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